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Downtime Dice remind people to take breaks and recharge. The 11 actions have proven productivity and feel good benefits!
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Downtime types
“Watch the clouds and name the shapes with a friend & coffee”
Sophie, Rolleston
“Hug your pet”
Michelle, Mt pleasant
“Be present to riding my bike (and see views like this!)”
Steph, Queenspark
“Sungazing for a few minutes at sunrise or sunset”
Michael M Mayell, Merivale
“Keep a list of things I am grateful for - 1. beach life.”
Leanne Bayler, Waikuku Beach
“Practice Zentangle, create a card to sent to a friend”
Ildica, St Martins
“20 minute meditation and gratitude practise every morning”
Vaea, Aranui
“Make a card for someone to show you care”
Evie, St Albans