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Downtime Dice remind people to take breaks and recharge. The 11 actions have proven productivity and feel good benefits!
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Downtime types
“Do some home baking and share with neighbours and friends.”
Julia, Kingsland
“Shout a friend a coffe at a cafe you have never been to”
Kay, Redwood
“Be creative, be imaginative”
Melissa Beswick, Bromley
“Have a nice bath with your favorite music and sing along”
Dana, Christchurch
“Write an anonymous compliment to give to a co-worker”
Eva, Papatoetoe
“Make freezable lunch snacks - drop to a friend with kids”
Noa, Mt Pleasant
“Offer some time to help a mate with their DIY”
Gabe, Lyttleton
“Bake biscuits to share for morning tea”
Louise, Kaikoura
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