Below are some of Canterbury's most adored everyday legends.

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swissphotobeats on Instagram
#ThatTimeYouHelped #Streetart #startmall #rebuild
cazzum_1981 on Instagram
Day 135: cool initiative encouraging people to publicly express gratitude to those who helped them following the Christchurch earthquakes. #ThatTimeYouHelped #gratitude #christchurch #southisland #newzealand
wirednomads on Instagram
Starting in 2010 and not subsiding until 2014, Christchurch experienced over 4,500 earthquakes above a magnitude 3.0. Over 1000 buildings were destroyed within the central business district and over 185 people were killed. Much of the city is still an active construction zone. As a temporary solution for the CBD, they set up shipping containers as a place for the shops/businesses to continue operating. The containers are now a permanent fixture within the city center... #ThatTimeYouHelped #restartchristchurch
noradredd_ on Instagram
Christchurch, NewZealand #christchurch #christchurchcathedral #newzealand #holiday #travel #traveltheworld #earthquake #ThatTimeYouHelped #restart #christmas #remembrance #anzac
pwparnvard on Instagram
Cashel Mall Re:START on Facebook
Our wall in Cashel Mall Re:START is now full of kindness! We hope you will take a look at some of our everyday heroes there #SCAPE8 #allright? #ThatTimeYouHelped
kayimi on Instagram
Christchurch art installations are awesome and feel good. The rebuild! #ThatTimeYouHelped #christchurch #nz #carolkeritrip
Fiona McLeod on Facebook
My sister in law Juliet Calder for the hand-me-down kids clothes, saves us so much time, fuss & money. Thx heaps Calders xx
Denise Scrivener on Facebook
My daughter Sharnie Scrivener.for the last 2months, she has been beside helping me, being my chauffeur, my carer, being my brain and being my'mother'. 2months ago on my last day holiday up north. i suffered a knock to my head (concussion) flew home and have since been off work. Sharnie has been such a great carer 'babysitter . I certainly couldnt have got thru the period without her...
Connie Smart on Facebook
This is for my amazing mum and "ma" to my daughter Kate Smart. She has helped me in every way imaginable. From using all her annual leave to help me look after my daughter over school holidays to mowing my lawns and always being there for me any time. She would love a visit to Lone Star or relaxing time in Hanmer.
Susan Hunter on Facebook
This is my son caleb. He is the best son and big brother , his love , kindness and humour is wonderful. I appreciate all his help he gives not just one time but all the time , with his little 5 month old brother. Cheers my beautiful son.
Dione Cairns on Facebook
This lady here as helped me so much its not even funny. She was my friends mum and now she my god mum. She lets me stay at hers up to a month. She has helped me when i was at my worst. When i went through depression. When mum and my releationship fell apart. when i was gettin bullied 24/7. She always noticed when somethin was up. Trina Boyes is truly my hero. I really dont know what i would have done with my life if it wasnt for her helping me find the right path in life xx
Ciairah Walsh on Facebook
My dad (guy on the far right). My mum was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer in January 2013 and my dad stepped up and helped us both so much. We had no car and no other family members to lean on. He drove us to the supermarkets, hospital appointments and anywhere we needed to go. He even helped pay for our groceries on occasion when things got really tough and has just been me and my mums absolute rock throughout this whole ordeal. Both my mum and I wouldn't be here today without him and his unconditional love and support
Janlea Cunningham on Facebook
My children have helped me to learn many things especially patience
Louise Adams on Facebook
Just posting a pic of me and little sis Julie my rock bestie #ThatTimeYouHelped
Tiana Te Moana on Facebook
This is my best friend amylee. She has helped me through relationship brake ups, sexual abuse,depression. She is my angel. My sister for the last 13 years and I hope to have her in my life many more xox
Jinxy P?rerehua Avery on Facebook
My husband Jon Tex Avery who is a devoted father and husband. I live with chronic pain due to spinal fracture and arthritis and he helps me everyday not only with practical support but more importantly emotional support to keep going. He has devoted 23 years of his life to the armed forces & it would be nice this remembrance day to remember #ThatTimeYouHelped
Stacey on Facebook
My sister, Lee Monk took us in when we were at ends wit with a past life. She is loving and a strong women who is always ready for a laugh when you need it the most. She was there when I needed help the most, she was first to put her hand up and make Sure I was All Right.
Serena Baxter on Facebook
I nominate my amazing partner Vinnie Thom, he is not the kids father but has stepped up and helps out where he can. He took the kids out when I was sore from competing in a kickboxing show, so I could rest. He takes them when I have to train and gets them dinner. I can not ask for a better man in my life he always wants to show the kids new and fun things and is helping them grow up to be amazing little men. There is something amazing about pure love like this he is not forced to love them, he choses to and would do anything for them. I can not repay you for the love and help you have shown us when we needed it most
Jazz Cigobia on Facebook
This is my little sister Jade Cigobia and she helps me by choosing to live with me and my 3 kids and look after then while I work so I regain my career and provide for my family I could not do it without her ..... it would be a great prize to give her
Anne McClimont on Facebook
My mate Wendy in the straw hat took it upon herself to provide a bbq lunch for my family on the day we moved my ill 79year old dad into a different house. She got the food, plates, sauces, table, cooker, drinks everything! She cooked to time it with the last load. She added a huge love bubble to our day.
Maree Louise Lange on Facebook
Teena Edens Finlay on Facebook
This is my Mum Gail. We have just spent time at Christchurch hospital and are now in Starship with our daughter. My mum has been cooking and cleaning and running around with our other kids as well as working and we don't know what we would do without her, we have no idea how we could possibly repay her for everything she does for us. #thattimeyouhelped
Dawn Ballagh on Facebook
Donna Lavea-Martin turns 30 this week. Instead of receiving gifts she and her daughter are baking and delivering 30 cakes to nominated people who could do with cheering up. Others have donated ingredients too. Donna and her family are some of the kindest most giving people I've had the pleasure of knowing. #thattimeyouhelped
Faye Crawford on Facebook
We would like to thank Carole Crawford as she is our Nana Angel. She helped look after Rose today when she couldn't go on her school trip to the A&P show because of a broken foot and mum and dad had to work. She helps when we need her most and we love her dearly for it. Thank you
Jasmine Riwaka on Facebook
Hi my Name is Jasmine I have Spina Bifita and i am wheelchair bound but i am able to walk a short distance with the aid of a walker this is my Friend Luana and myself at burwood hospital this year trying out my new walker and i Luana is holding the walker just incase i fall over. i wold love to win this awesome prize to win smile emoticon #thattimeyouhelpedme
Rebecca Isabel Wentworth on Facebook
Laura Parkin deserves a day out with her children she didnt even know me and my family until i had posted on a buysell page asking for help as we were hmless and had no where to go Laura contacted me and offered us to put a tent in her yard to live in till we got a house in nelson Laura is still good friend and support as well she also helps alot of people are some take her for a ride Thanks Laura Parkin
Cashel Mall Re:START on Facebook
Great to see the Kidsfirst Kindergarten leadership team on the walk in Cashel Mall Re:START this morning #ThatTimeYouHelped #kindy #SCAPE8 #allright #kidsfirst
Belinda Yates on Facebook
My Husband Vaughan Yates who helped me when my brother died. We haven't been back to Hanmer since then as we were on holiday there when he died.
Shell Shields on Facebook
My partner Saxon who always supports me and makes me feel really good about myself even when I'm down smile emoticon also he helps with the cleaning, gardening, cooking and looking after our kitty cat!
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