The Summer Starter

The Summer Starter

Canterbury, it is time to get moving!

The Summer Starter is a fun run and walk that aims to get the city moving, and encourage health and wellbeing as the region rebuilds.

All Right? is a key sponsor of the event, and manager Sue Turner says the campaign's research shows Cantabrians need to do more to look after themselves.

"No matter where we are with our recovery, there are little things everyone can do to give themselves a boost. Four years on, this is more important than ever. Being active, connecting with others and giving were all proven ways to improve your wellbeing," she said.

"Since the earthquakes, Christchurch has become a tale of two cities - those thriving and those struggling. Starting the run in Christchurch's hard-hit east sends a strong signal that we're all in this together."

Visit the Summer Starter website for more information

We did it Canterbury!!!

Yep, we walked and talked, ran and rolled, moved and grooved, and suddenly... Summer was here for 2015!

    Top secret info on feeling good

    So what now?! Well, if you're anything like us, you're probably wondering how you can hang onto these top-of-your-game, walking-on-sunshine, totally-scrummy feel good vibes.

    For easy tips to feel good and do well, download the All Right? app! It's all based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing. The Five Ways To Wellbeing are kinda like the 5+ veggie rule for wellbeing, and they're internationally proven to boost the way we feel!

    Hopefully this will give you lots of ideas of things you can do to feel all right!

    HERE THEY ARE.....



    With your family, friends, workmates, neighbours, and the people around you. Have a mate date! Go for coffee. Kick a ball around. Catching up is awesome, even when times are tough.

    Be Active.

    Be Active:

    Exercise is a proven pick me up…moving your body moves your move (but you already knew that).

    Take Notice.

    Take Notice:

    Be curious. Catch sight of the beautiful. Listen to a great song. And smell those summer roses! Living in the moment helps us to notice and appreciate the things that matter most.

    Keep Learning.

    Keep Learning:

    You could try something new, rediscover an old interest, or just make some simple changes in your day-to-day life. It's easy peasy learning squeazy, and can be fun and confidence boosting!



    Our personal fave… Do something nice for a friend or family member. Or smile at a stranger. Or volunteer your time. Or give thanks! This one makes others feel great too. Double goodness!