Make your own All Right? poster

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Ask your classmates, workmates, club members, or teammates etc. for a short suggestion on what makes them feel good (maximum of 60 characters).
    To make things easier you can download and print this ideas sheet.
  2. You need between 10 and 20 suggestions per poster.
  3. For each suggestion we need a first name.  You can provide an age too if you like.

Then enter your suggestions into our poster generator.

The All Right? Team will moderate your poster and pay for your poster to be professionally printed (for a limited time). So if you are from Canterbury, and your poster contains suggestions from three or more people, then All Right will send one large professionally printed poster your way! We will also send you enough A4 posters to hand out to everyone who has provided a suggestion.

Your completed poster will also be shared on our online poster gallery.

How easy is that!?!