It's all right to love your Pacific culture

I am... Identity

One of the major findings in our research with Canterbury’s Pacific communities is that Pacific women are the heartbeat of the family.

In post-quake Canterbury Pacific women have played a significant role in their communities, creating strong networks and support structures and working to keep Pacific traditions alive with strong family and church networks.

Our research has also highlighted that some young Pacific people born in New Zealand can struggle with their sense of identity.

All Right? has developed the I am... Identity project to celebrate identify and its importance to Pacific youth and their wellbeing.

To see all the I am... Identity collateral, and to order posters, visit the Community Health Information Centre.

I am… Identity workshop

In April 2016 a workshop was held where thirty young Pacific women explored concepts of identity and wellbeing.

Terisa Tagicakibau from the All Right? team says a key theme to emerge was that young Pacific women in Canterbury can have very different views of ‘where they fit’ and ‘who they are,’ and that these depend on a number of complex factors.

“I would like to encourage young Pacific women embarking on their life journey to reach deep within themselves to find out who they are, their purpose on this earth and to share that gift with everyone. Pacific young women have gifts and talents however need opportunities to bring them into fruition,” says Terisa.

“Our message to all young Pacific women is celebrate where they’ve come from, whether they’re born here in New Zealand or in the islands,” says Terisa.

Leadership Through Me

An event for the Pacific community, celebrating the links between the arts, creativity, and wellbeing.

Here's the photos from the night, complete with poetry, fashion shows, music, and skits from the MCs, The Laughing Samoans Ltd!