The All Right? Habit Stick may look like a 13cm piece of cardboard cleverly designed to resemble a piece of wood, but it’s much more than that! Put simply, the All Right? Habit Stick makes it easier to make good habits stick.

All you need to do is write down the tiny habit you want to adopt and give yourself a tick on the stick every time you achieve it. Before you know it, your Habit Stick will be full of ticks and your new habit will be something you do every day without even thinking about it.

Habit stick fan

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It’s simple, but it works…

The Habit Stick brings all the science on successful habit formation together, helping dramatically boost your chances of success.

Research shows that you’re much more likely to successfully adopt a new habit if you make it small and achievable, write it down, do it daily, and track your progress.

Read more about the science in our articles, Habits 101 and Ten tips to make your new habit stick

Habit Sticks flew out the door

All Right? gave away over 18,000 Habit Sticks in May 2017, making it one of our most popular resources ever.

 You can still see how Cantabrians used their Habit Stick on our habits wall. Like Laura from Central Christchurch who is doing a drawing each day, and Reto from Redcliffs who is meditating for 5 minutes every day, and Tui from Hoon Hay who is complimenting someone every day.

Looking for a new healthy habit?

To supercharge your successful habit try combining it one of your character strengths. If you don’t’ know your strengths, or need to be reminded, discover your inner strengths on the All Right? website.