Ladi6 discovers ChCh

Street Art

Hey creative Cantabs, have you checked out the SPECTRUM Street Art Festival yet? Here's Ladi6 and All Right? talking to local artist Jacobyike.

Beat Box

Hey musos, check out this video of Ladi6 and All Right? visiting Beatbox, a rehearsal space for musicians.

Youth and Cultural Development (YCD)

Awesome work being done by Youth and Cultural Development here in Christchurch. Did you know that it was founded by Ladi6's parents in 1992?! Here's Ladi6 and All Right? catching up with YCD.

Brick Farm

Hey Cantabs, what awesome new places have you been to recently? Here's Ladi6 and All Right? checking out Brick Farm (where they even have enough space for a vegetable garden)!

Switch Espresso

Mmmm... coffee. What's your favourite wee cafe? The final stop on the Ladi6 and All Right? tiki tour is Switch Espresso New Brighton!