Five Years On I Feel...

Our latest social media campaign encourages Cantabrians to take a moment to think about how they're feeling five years after the 22nd February earthquake.


Because it's important! Taking stock of your emotions helps you cope better with life and what it throws at us.

We want to show how Cantabrians are at different stages in emotionally recovering from the earthquakes. Some of us are optimistic and excited; some of us are anxious and even angry. That's to be expected... we're all individuals and international experience tells us that psychosocial recovery after natural disasters can take up to ten years.

Print off our template, fill it out and then get someone to take a pic of you holding it (or take a selfie!) to take part. Post your photo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #fiveyearson or #5yearson and #allrightnz

Let's get this conversation started...