Downtime Dice

Small breaks can make a big difference. Just a few minutes of quality downtime can boost our energy, focus, creativity, productivity and happiness.

Sometimes we need a gentle reminder that it’s ok to take a break, and that’s where our Downtime Dice come in. The dice feature downtime activities proven to be beneficial for a person’s wellbeing - they're simple, but they work!

Downtime Dice are now available for purchase from the All Right? website.

This is how we roll 

We're all experts when it comes to finding downtime activities that work for us. If you don't believe us check out Canterbury's Downtime Wall.

There's heaps of great examples of how people are spending their downtime. We'd love it if you added your top downtime tips to the mix!

All Black mental skills coach on downtime

For Christchurch-based All Blacks leadership manager and mental skills coach Gilbert Enoka, downtime plays a crucial role in his day. 

When Enoka has a day off or time to himself, he schedules in exercise and a massage.

“I have a very deliberate day that actually fills my tank and no matter where I am in the world, I can get access to those things.”

“Downtime can be simple things like reading a book, having a coffee, having a treat of some sort, watching something that you particularly like to see, going for a walk - but it’s the ordinary and soul enriching nature of those pleasures that really enhance individuals and increase their capacity to function at high levels and feel really good about themselves.” 

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