The beginning: reassuring

Our very first campaign in February 2012 aimed to normalise how people were feeling post-quake.

Our research found Cantabrians were feeling a wide range of emotions - from frustration, anger and grief to pride in how we'd coped. Many were also feeling guilty that other people had been worse affected than themselves.

The campaign involved posters, advertising, flags and other tools.  It was designed to help reassure people that others were feeling the same way - and most importantly, that it was all right to feel that way.

"I went back to work feeling a bit down the other day and without really knowing why. I opened The Press and saw the ad "It's all right to feel overwhelmed some days. I felt relieved, like someone had just read my mind. This ad is now on the dresser in my bedroom and every time I feel blue, I just look at it. Thank you for this."