Earthquakes and other scary events

Tips for helping children cope

Earthquakes are frightening for everyone involved, and especially for children who may not understand what’s happened. Long after they are over, scary experiences like earthquakes can continue to affect children’s emotions, thoughts and behaviour. 

Below are some practical tips to help you look after yourself and those around you, and you can find more information on the Canterbury DHB website.

To help parents support their children after earthquakes and other shocks, SKIP have created these two handy resources.

The Worry Bug is a great resource – your tamariki may have already received the book from their school. We recommend watching the film on The Worry Bug website.

Earthquakes and other scary events

Help is out there

We know too that many organisations are providing support to families where anxiety is present – the Methodist Mission, STAND, your local Plunket or public health nurse or family doctor will all be able to help or point you in the right direction.

Find out more on how to help kids manage worries here.

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