Tiny Adventures

There are some great free parenting apps out there that can make the world’s toughest job just that little bit easier… 

  • Tiny adventures – an All Right? app developed to help parents to enjoy quick, fun and affordable activities with their children. Give some a go – they’re a great way to connect with your children.
  • Get Appy – All Right’s very own app. It gives you daily wellbeing mini-missions that will help you feel good!
  • Skip Tips – developed by some parents who thought the brochures were great, but aren't always there when you need them. Great ideas to manage challenging behaviour, from biting to tantrums. A terrific resource for around 1 – 6 year olds
  • Raising Children – video clips of information for parents of newborns to primary school. Created by the Ministry of Education – yes it’s educational, but really really interesting!
  • What's Up - The What's Up? App offers methods to cope with depression, anxiety, anger, and stress. It describes 12 negative thinking patterns and methods to overcome them. 
  • Happify - Learn new habits, deal with negative thoughts and build self-confidence with Happify - a science-based activities and games app to help you learn to deal with stress and the challenges of life.