All Right? works to support and improve Cantabrians' mental health and wellbeing as we recover and rebuild from the earthquakes.

Live Brighter

Find Your Spark

Keen to create a life you love? Find Your Spark is about embracing who you are, knowing how you want to live and finding greater meaning in the things you do.

Share The Love

Who supports you and who do you support? Share The Love focuses on feeling connected and strengthening your relationships with the people who are important to you.

Mind Your Head

Do your thoughts help you to be at your best? Mind Your Head helps us to deal with the things we can deal with, maintain a healthy sense of perspective and savour the good things along the way.

Sort Your Habits

What simple things make you feel happy and healthy? Sort Your Habits is about doing more of what helps and less of what doesn’t because the little things we do can really add up.
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Featured Projects

Recharge Your Batteries

Jackpot! Healthy food, regular exercise and sleeping smart aren't just good for our bodies. They're also ace for our minds. Keen to recharge?
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Activities for the Whānau

Whakatokia te kakano o te ha - planting the seed of life.
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Find your hidden strengths

When used in your daily life, character strengths can have a significant positive impact on your life. Take our 10 minute quiz and learn your hidden strengths today.
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Get All Right? resources

All of our awesome resources can be ordered online for your school, community group or the back of your toilet door!
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Let's talk about parenting

There’s no doubt that being a parent can be tough sometimes, and living in post-quake Canterbury hasn’t made things any easier!
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All Right App

Download the new All Right? app and get daily ideas on how to live brighter!
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